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In the rapidly evolving digital landscape, it is crucial to have a trusted partner who can navigate the intricacies of technology and guide your business towards sustainable growth. Our Digital Engineering Services are designed to be that partner. We leverage state-of-the-art technologies, innovative solutions, and our extensive industry experience to help you transform your data into actionable insights and strategies.

About Us

Customer expectations and preferences in the realm of technology products have undergone significant evolution. Today, enterprises face the challenge of not only building viable products but also ensuring that they are truly lovable. This paradigm shift necessitates the support of a reliable and innovative technology partner, and that’s where Innocito comes in.

Innocito is a Digital Engineering Services Company, dedicated to empowering clients with groundbreaking software products and platforms tailor-made for tomorrow’s market. Excelling in Software Development, Quality Engineering, Cloud Solutions, DevOps, and AI innovations, our deep-rooted expertise ensures your ideas transition seamlessly from inception to deployment and beyond, all achieved cost-effectively.

In an era where development budgets are increasingly constrained, we understand the need to accelerate the pace of innovation. Through our comprehensive service offerings, we help clients navigate their digital journey, empowering them to embrace digital at scale and deliver exceptional performance and user experiences.

Our Digital Engineering Services are anchored in a user-centric approach, ensuring real-time iterations and incorporating actionable insights at every stage of the development pipeline. By prioritizing user engagement, customer lifetime value, and retention, we enable our clients to achieve higher levels of success and growth.

Our Mission

Our mission is to be the trusted technology partner for our clients, helping them navigate their digital journey and achieve their business objectives. We are committed to delivering high-quality, scalable, and user-centric software products and platforms that drive success and foster long-term growth.

Our Vision

Our vision is to engineer modern businesses that stay ahead of the competition, embrace change, and capitalize on new opportunities. We strive to empower organizations to leverage the full potential of digital technologies, enabling them to deliver excellence in performance, user experience, and customer satisfaction.

Management Team

Dedicated leaders steering Innocito towards excellence and innovation

Bhagawati Manukonda

Co-Founder & CEO of Innocito

With an illustrious career spanning over 18 years in the tech landscape, Bhagawati stands out as a Thought Leader in Quality Engineering. He has pioneered the transition of several enterprises to QE, facilitated the adoption of DevOps, and promoted the use of innovative solutions.  At Innocito, Bhagawati drives strategy, growth, and innovation with an unwavering focus on client success. His core belief is clear: Business Assurance is rooted in Quality Assurance. This philosophy has been instrumental in bridging the gap between Business and IT Service Delivery teams. Through his leadership and the propagation of unique, actionable solutions, Bhagawati ensures that Innocito’s clients experience both immediate and long-term value, positioning Innocito as a leader in excellence.

Before co-founding Innocito, Bhagawati served as an Associate Vice President at Cigniti – a leading digital assurance and engineering services company. In that role, he led Global delivery and ESG portfolios, guiding global teams and shaping the strategy for large enterprise clients.

Rakesh Polisetty

Co-Founder & CDO of Innocito

Spanning an impressive career in the realm of technology, Rakesh distinguishes himself as a forward-thinking leader in digital transformations. He has facilitated the digital metamorphosis of numerous organizations, enabling them to harness the power of modern solutions.

At Innocito, Rakesh is at the forefront of defining digital strategies, ensuring sustainable growth, and championing innovation, always with an uncompromising commitment to client success. He firmly believes that Excellence in Service Delivery translates to Business Success. This principle has been vital in harmonizing the objectives of Business and IT departments. Under Rakesh’s guidance, and through the implementation of distinct, efficiency-driven solutions, Innocito’s clients receive both immediate benefits and enduring value, placing Innocito at the pinnacle of industry superiority.

Before co-founding Innocito, Rakesh founded Localwire. – a hyperlocal microblogging social network. He also held pivotal roles at a tech giant, steering global teams and formulating strategies for prominent enterprise clientele

Join Us on the Digital Journey

At Innocito, we are passionate about driving digital innovation and helping businesses thrive in the ever-evolving digital landscape. Partner with us to unlock your organization’s full potential, drive growth, and engineer a successful future.

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Our Success Stories

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