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The Innocito Connect: Sirisha Kandikonda

In the dynamic world of tech and quality assurance, individuals like Sirisha Kandikonda stand out, steering the ship of quality at Innocito. As the QA Lead, Sirisha brings a wealth of experience and dedication to the forefront, ensuring that the products leaving Innocito’s digital forge meet the highest standards.

Sirisha’s trajectory at Innocito is a testament to her commitment to quality. As a QA Lead, she has played a pivotal role in shaping the quality assurance processes at Innocito. Her journey is not just a professional one but a reflection of personal growth and determination. As she celebrates her first work anniversary at Innocito, we interacted with her to learn insights on her eventful journey.

As you completed one year at Innocito, can you share a bit about your journey so far?

As a QA lead, I entered the role with clear expectations and a focus on fundamental organizational aspects.

Starting with a comprehensive assessment of existing resources and identifying essential setups, I navigated the initial challenges by adapting and problem-solving with the available information. Organizing the QA team horizontally enabled us to share valuable expertise across projects, significantly increasing the team’s visibility within Innocito.

In these endeavors, I draw inspiration from Bhagwati Manukonda, CEO at Innocito, whose support has been instrumental in achieving organizational goals. I express my gratitude to Bhag for the confidence and faith invested in me, attributing my workplace successes to his unwavering support.

As one of the first QA Leads in the team, what were the initial roadblocks in setting up the QA system in a newly formed organization?

The initial hurdle involved strategic planning to commence and formulate a setup seamlessly aligned with the organization’s expectations.

As the journey unfolded, understanding the individual capabilities of the team, managing time constraints for education, aligning bandwidth with project deliverables, and tailoring education to each team member’s unique skill set became focal points. Encouraging timely participation in training sessions evolved from a procedural necessity to a vital catalyst for fostering a culture of continuous improvement. This approach aimed not only at addressing immediate challenges but also at laying the groundwork for sustained success and growth within the organization.

How did you approach building the QA process from scratch, and what strategies did you employ?

In laying the foundation for our QA process, I dove into the basics, identifying what we had and what needed setup. We navigated the unknown, figuring things out with the information at hand. To enhance accessibility, we gathered crucial information in a shared repository, structuring projects uniformly via SharePoint.

Our commitment to speed and efficiency led us to On-Demand Testing, offering quick results and early issue identification. The creation of QA Test Artifacts, complemented by tools like JIRA-Zephyr Scale and Lamda Test execution, added precision to our processes.

We further partnered with AccelQ, a leading scriptless automation platform. Our entire team underwent comprehensive training and certification, enabling seamless integration of AccelQ’s solutions in various projects, enhancing efficiency and delivering high-quality outcomes.

Reusability became a mantra with QA templates, fostering efficiency across projects. Learning & Development sessions sparked skill upgrades, creating a culture of continual improvement. Onboarding resources, including client and KT recordings, ensured a seamless transition, and maintaining test case backups in a shared repository fortified the core of our QA processes.

In what ways has the work culture at Innocito has evolved over time, and what positive changes have you observed?

Over time, I’ve witnessed a significant transformation in the work culture at Innocito. It has evolved into a well-balanced and respectable workplace where team building activities and one-on-one meetings contribute to fostering a positive attitude. The emphasis on mentoring and the establishment of a supportive culture stands out, creating an environment that celebrates wins and aligns with our core values — reliability, dedication, discipline, productivity, cooperation, integrity, responsibility, accountability, professionalism, and punctuality.

How supportive is Innocito in providing opportunities and encouragement to women in the company?

In my professional journey, I’ve observed their proactive approach to advancing women into management and executive roles, ensuring equal opportunities for professional development. The commitment to gender diversity extends across the company, fostering an inclusive culture where everyone is treated with equality and respect.

In addition, Innocito focuses on creating networks tailored to women, offering avenues for seeking career support and mentorship. The company is dedicated to supporting female employees in their pursuit of leadership roles, actively working to remove any barriers they may encounter along the way.

Can you share some significant milestones or achievements in your career at Innocito?

I’m fortunate to be acknowledged by Innocito. 

  • Rising Star Award: Recognizing exceptional growth or promising talent 
  • Award Winner for Learning & Development sessions
  • Achieved Quarterly Awards and Recognitions
  • Award winner at Lead level Multi-tasking performer

What piece of advice would you give to aspiring QA Engineers, especially those who are starting their careers?

First off, keep that learning flame burning. Stay in the loop with what’s hot in the industry – trends, tools, all of it. Familiarize yourself with testing tools, programming languages, and automation frameworks. Dive into internships or entry-level gigs for some hands-on experience. Nothing beats practical exposure when it comes to leveling up your skills.

Attention to detail is your superpower. Cultivate it. Sharpen your communication skills to effectively convey technical information and collaborate seamlessly. See challenges as opportunities to flex your problem-solving muscles, and don’t forget to adapt. Tech evolves fast, so staying flexible is key. Lastly, find your tribe. Seek mentorship from experienced professionals or join QA communities. Learning from others’ journeys can be a game-changer. 

Sirisha’s narrative is a glimpse into the thriving culture at Innocito, where dedication and innovation intersect. As we applaud her accomplishments, we invite you to explore the world of quality at Innocito. Join us in crafting exceptional digital experiences – visit or drop us a line at

By: Sirisha Kandikonda

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